Responsibility and Dependability are What Set Us Apart

The well-being of our planet should be a responsibility taken on by everyone. Unfortunately, this is not the case; especially in businesses that exist merely to turn a profit. Eco-Home is different. Andrew, the owner of Eco-Home, stays on top of current green products and methods that can be used for environmentally-friendly renovation. He has been renovating for all of his working life and knows that the future of home upgrades does not have to involve the harmful products that so many contractors still use.
Eco-Home is committed to treating clients with the utmost respect. We take the time to listen to the specific needs of each client and execute every job in an appropriate, professional manner. We have painted small rooms and entire houses; restored decades-old floors, walls, and pieces of furniture; and helped guide unsure clients through their stressful whole-home renovations. Our goal is to give our clients the chance to live in homes that are both beautiful and healthy.